Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. ‘Can multiple entries be submitted?’
A1. Yes, submitting multiple entries is allowed. Each entry must be loaded on a separate CD, the CD properly labelled.

Q2. ‘I have registered online. Will I receive a confirmation mail?’
A2. Yes, you will instantly receive an auto-generated acknowledgement mail. If you do not, please re-register yourself.

Q3.’ I am studying B.arch, 3rd year. I want to know whether sending multiple projects are allowed in the competition or not from student category. If yes, then what should be the year of submitted entry in my registration form, if I want to submit 2 projects – one from my present year of study(3rd year, 2016) and the other from 2nd year, 2015. Should I register separately for the two projects?
A3. Yes, you can submit multiple entries. Please register yourself separately for each entry that you are submitting.

Q4. ‘If my entry is a design for a healthcare facility, what category should I apply in?
A4. Please apply in the category INSTITUTIONAL.

Q5. ‘I am unable to get 1” foam board in the market. What should I do?’
A5. Please use any alternate board that is available.